ConnectinGEO (SOS)

This WebGIS Client provide access to in-situ measurement available on-line. It is part of the existing webservice-energy SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure). See below for further information about the SOS platform.


This platform enables (i) visualisisation of sensor locations on a map, (ii) visualisation of measurements as time series as plots and in tabular form, (iii) display of sensor metadata at different levels of detail,  (iv) computation and statistical representation of time series according to the types of in-situ measurements (eg. solar 2D view, wind roses) and (v) download of observation data for offline processing.

It is based on the 52°North SWE (Sensor Web Enablement) solution respecting OGC SOS (Sensor Observation Service) standard and GEOSS recommendation on interoperability.

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