Web based application providing access to in-situ data from stations of various networks from Thredds Data Server

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Resource provider(s): Lionel MENARD
Affiliation(s) 1 : MINES ParisTech
Version V1
Abstract This application provides access to in-situ data from stations of various networks.


It is a web front-end to a Thredds Data Server (TDS) in which data are stored in NetCDF format with proper meta-data encoding following Climate and Forecast (CF) Conventions.

This interface allows you to dynamically locate the stations on a map, visualize data on charts and download the raw NetCDF data, or subsets in JSON or CSV.

Access to measurements time-series are either fully open or available on a restricted access base. For more infomation contact Lionel Menard.
Keywords in-situ, Sensor, Measurements, OPeNDap, Thredds Data Server, Open Geospatial Consortium, Climate and Forecast Conventions, CF, OGC, MINES ParisTech, ARMINES, Solar Radiation, Wind, Wind Speed, insitu, in situ, Global Horizontal Irradiation, GHI, Direct Normal Irradiation, DNI, In Situ Measurements, Measurement, World
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