Date(s) (Revision)
Point of contact(s): Lionel MENARD
Affiliation(s) 1 : MINES ParisTech
Abstract Description: Map of the standard deviation of the regression error in the estimated monthly mean daytime air temperature at 2-m height [°C], March 2009, PACA Region. The layer was generated from input satellite MODIS images (provided by NASA) and in-situ temperature measurements (collected by Meteo France and provided by ARMINES) through the application of a nonstationary probabilistic model based on support vector machines (SVM). Daytime MODIS acquisitions are daily. For each pixel, first the regression error statistics was separately modeled from each daily MODIS observation not affected by cloud cover, and, then, the standard deviation of the mean temperature estimate was derived and displayed in the present layer. Pixels in which cloud cover was present at all observation times and sea areas were masked out. Scientific reference: G. Moser and S. B. Serpico,