In the framework of the European Commission funded project NextGEOSS under the H2020 framework program, 2 pilots dedicated to solar energy have been developed.

Pilot - 1: Constructing Gridded Data for Grid Operations

Grid operators need a better knowledge of the very local production of electricity by PV plants that are connected to the grid in order to ensure the stability and quality of the electricity delivered to customers. Their requests are for time-series of solar radiation over a regular grid of points covering their area of interest which may be nation-wide. The NextGEOSS cloud-based solution enables real-time computation of time series of solar gridded data from CAMS Radiation database for a subset of 2 years (2005-2006).

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Pilot - 2: High Resolution Solar Mapping at Urban Scale

In the context of the undergoing and future wave of urban demographic growth, the development of PV and solar thermal systems in urban areas is of very interest since these renewable-based energy systems do not emit pollution or GHG and produce energy as close as possible of its consumption. Solar resource assessment and mapping at the urban scale (metric and sub-metric) will be then crucial for the developments of PV and solar thermal systems in these urban areas. The NextGEOSS cloud-based" solution enable access to geo-localized patches containing a time-series of global irradiation on tilted plan integrating shadow effects. The pilot cover the region of the city of Nantes (France).

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