MINES ParisTech has contributed to the AIP-5 by developing local atlases for decision-support in solar energy policy planning and private investment. Targeted users such as policy planners or consulting companies do not know with enough accuracy what is the potential of solar energy in their area of interest. Having access to such potential is important but users also need additional information to support decision-making. This include geographical information e.g., physical and administrative, possibly delivered within a computer-aided method for decision-making, or a GIS, or for due diligence for banks. The information should be recent, of known quality and uncertainty, spanning over several years and easily accessible. Providing such information will support studies for sitting, sizing and estimates return-on-investment on solar plants local policies for energy planning and attraction of investors.  The European Commission FP7 funded project ENDORSE (ENergy DOwnstReam SErvices - Providing energy components for GMES; 2011-2013); exploiting the GMES CoreService (MACC, Geoland2) will support this response by providing the necessary layers information for the generation of local atlases.

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