IREMARE-MED (Informations sur la Ressource pour les Energies MArines REnouvelables en MEDiterranée/Marine Renewable Energie Resource Information in the Mediterranean) is a project funded by ADEME (Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maitrise de l'Energie/Agency for the Environment and Energy Control, French Public Institution), convention n°1705C0016. It is dedicated to the production and dissemination of high level information about Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) resource.

All the information comes from the processing of the ANEMOC dataset (Benoit et al 1996) for the wave characteristics and the ERA-40 reanalysis (Uppala et al. 2005) for the wind speed. These databases were identified by Mines ParisTech as belonging to the most appropriate ones for the production of MRE resource information at relevant time and spatial scales.

The information produced during IREMARE-Med project covers a band ranging from the Mediterranean shore to 50 km offshore and can be used as a first indicator for national down to local scale studies. Show available information and access data (To be created sson...). Please refer to the ANEMOC data usage as available on the ANEMOC Web site.


 M. Benoit, F. Marcos, F. Becq. Development of a third generation shallow-water wave model with unstructured spatial meshing, Proc. 25th Int. Conf. on Coastal Eng. (ICCE’1996), Orlando (FL, USA), ASCE, 465-478. 1996.

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Yves-Marie Saint-Drenan

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