Scope of the scenario: This AIP-2 ER illustrates an end-to-end scenario between a data provider on the one hand and a consulting company looking for the best place to sit a solar power plant on the other hand. Both benefit from GEOSS as a centralized point of access. The needs of the data providers looking for an efficient dissemination of his databases are expressed. The necessary concepts, steps, tools and actions needed on the data providers side to ensure that resources copes with the various GEOSS use cases allowing a full search, discovery and bind mechanisms are described. From W3C Web Service deployment, building INSPIRE ISO 19119 Metadata for WAF (Web Accessible Folder) catalogue, registering components and services in the GEOSS Service Registry, all the necessary steps towards data and catalogue interoperability are detailed. A dedicated Community Portal for Renewable Energy ( is currently hosting numerous Web Services for the goods of the community. A dedicated client specially build for the scenario as a JSR-168 Portlet is presented. This client allows Web Services chaining from remote interoperable map resources of GEOSS data providers. Based on a real business use case, the needs of the consulting company are also expressed within the scenario and illustrate the usefulness of GEOSS.

Point of Contact Editor: Lionel Menard, Mines ParisTech

Contributing Editors: Mines ParisTech and Team

The final document is now available.

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